How do you know you are rich????

When I was doing my BSC, there was a Professor who used to teach us ‘Mechanics’.

His lectures used to be very interesting since he had an interesting way to teach and explain the concepts.

One day, in the class, he asked the…

How to get bunch of customers for for business/start ups.

Source: Digital Deepak

Do you always struggle or face challenge to get or acquired customers for your business? Have you always wanted to learn how effectively do marketing of your product?

In this article, I am going to explain you the most effective…

The story of becoming kundan 2.0 and more….

Hii, everyone, My Name is kundan which means pure gold. I feel happy when someone calls my name and explain the meaning of it. As we all know even a raw gold has to cross several stages to reach his purest form…

Kundan kumar singh

work is worship

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